Meet Michael Markovic....   

Okay...I didn't get a camera at the age of 5 and become a child prodigy! Lol.  It was actually an entrepreneurial spirit and whatever comes along with being a lefty (they say lefties are creative) that actually got me started in 2000-2001. Fortunately, We started doing photo-ops, awards photos, product shots and head shots. Progressing into green screen photo-ops with onsite printing, weddings, food, architectural, interiors, trade-shows, conferences, etc.  

Having a bit of a competitive nature, I'm always trying to better the image. Using an athletic approach, you'll end up getting images from several positions and vantage points offering a variety of looks. Lastly, smiling and having a good way with people...usually shows in the images.

Ending up with a "Rare Capture" image!